HOW FAR OUT - Stabila 96/196 Plug-n-Play is a dedicated accessory for your Stabila 96, 196, or IP65 Electronic level. The Stabila Plug-n-Play gauge comes pre-assembled and calibrated to its own Stabila end cap, which then serves as adapter for all your 96/196 levels. Just pop out the standard removable end cap and pop your HFO gauge in.


Note: If you want to use the same HFO gauge with other Stabila models (R-Beam, XTL, 106T) or other level brands as well, then order How Far Out - Universal. That model includes the Magnetic Quick-Coupler. Extra Level End Adapters enable the Universal model to be used with multiple levels and multiple brands.

HOW FAR OUT - Stabila 96/196 Plug-n-Play