The HOW FAR OUT level gauge transforms your levels into precision survey tools!

  • Leveling screw positions level precisely

  • Calibrated gauge provides instant measurement

  • Magnetic Quick-Coupler for rapid deployment

  • Extra Adapters allow use on multiple levels

  • Installation takes just seconds

  • Dedicated Stabila 96 model now Plug-n-Play


Even the best level in the world is designed to tell you just one thing: either your work is level, or it's not. Great for new construction.

But in remodeling, trim carpentry, and installation work, when you have to fit your work to existing conditions that are out of level or plumb, knowing exactly how far out saves time and costly errors.


The HOW FAR OUT level gauge mounts quickly to the end of almost any premium level to turn it into a precision survey instrument. The gauge provides a level adjustment screw so you can dial the level into perfect position and an integrated scale so you can read the distance out-of-level or plumb instantly.


The original HOW FAR OUT gauge was a dedicated Stabila 96/196 accessory, currently our Stabila Plug-n-Play model. We followed up with our Universal model, capable of retrofit to most other brands as well. Its Magnetic Coupler design allows it to snap on and off your level instantly. Extra Level End Adapters enable one gauge to be used on multiple levels.


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Mike Schuler




The HOW FAR OUT level gauge is for trim carpenters, cabinetmakers, remodelers, installers, glaziers, designers ---

for any serious craftsman who needs to fit his work to real world out-of-level, out-of-plumb conditions...